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The Military History Of Imperial Russia And The USSR

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Variations of the Rifles Mosin-Nagant: A good article from Karl-Heinz Wrobel that gives a listing of the various Mosin Nagants by issue nation.

Russian Proofs & Factory Markings:   What do the markings mean?  Russian and Soviet proofs and markings are covered here.

Lapin's Guide To Essential Russian MosinHow do you say?

Mosin Nagant Production Numbers: A chart showing production of rifle types by maker.

The First Mosin Nagants:   The first of the M91 rifles were not made in Russia but under contract in France. Karl-Heinz's fine article covers the history of these less than common rifles.

The 1907 CarbineOne of the most uncommon of all the Mosin Nagants carbines.  The history of the rare carbine is detailed by Karl Heinz Wrobel-noted author and reseach expert on the Russian Mosin Nagants with assistence by Vic Thomas.

WW1 Bayonet Adaptations Of Captured Mosin Nagant Rifles:  UPDATED!  John Sheehan has done it yet again with this great article that covers a little known area of Mosin Nagant collecting.   John's fine work is setting the standard on this type of research.

Mosin Nagant Three Line Rifle Sling Swivel VarationsAlso from John Sheehan and dealing with the WW1 era.  This covers a number of nations and is quite interesting.   All Mosin Nagant collectors will learn from this fine article.

The American Mosin Nagants:  Westinghouse and Remington both came to the aid of Mother Russia.  These M91's have an interesting story behind them.

The Last Dragoon Rifle:  The Soviet M91/30 started out with the last of the M91's produced.  The story of the development.

The Model 1938 Carbine: The carbine version of the m/91-30, this collectable carbine is covered in detail by Vic Thomas in a detailed history and description text section and an accompanying photo section. Newly revised and updated!

The Model 1944 Carbine:  One of the most popular of the Mosin Nagants here in the US at the moment.   From WW2 till today.

The M91/59 Carbine:  Soviet or Bulgarian?  The debate is still going on but these Cold War relics are interesting collectables no matter the origin.

The Laminate Stock:  Coming soon an overview of the Soviet use of the laminate stock on both carbines and rifles.

The SVT SectionThis is one of the best English references on the Soviet WW2 semi-auto battle rifle by  Vic Thomas. This section covers in detail the history, issue and variants of the SVT. This section also includes a detailed assembly and disassembly section on this rare rifle. Not to be missed this article is filled with text and photos.

NEW!   UNDER CONSTRUCTION SO CHECK BACK OFTEN *Updated 1/2/10* Russian and Com Bloc rifle sling ID:  This section will detail the basic slings that can be found for the Russian and Com Bloc issued rifles and carbines of the Mosin Nagant rifle as well as the SVT-38 and 40 series of rifles. Some sub machine gun and SKS slings are included as well.


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