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The Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifles

An Introduction by Tuco of Mosin-Nagant Dot Net

The Mosin Nagant line of sniper rifles have made their mark in the annals of warfare. One could appoint the Mosin Nagant as one of the most successful sniper rifles ever manufactured as their service life has run for over 70 years. From the Finnish sniper of the Winter War to the streets of Chechnya today, the Mosin Nagant has performed whenever it has been asked. They are robust, hardy, and accurate rifles that deserve the fine reputation they have earned.

Due to recent US importation many collectors have seen or own the Soviet/Russian PU sniper rifles; however, the vast majority of collectors have never seen the other models like the PE, PEM, the Finnish 39SOV, the Czech made Vz54/57, or the many other variations of the PU from nations like the former East Germany. Even many of the “researchers” of the Mosin Nagant have had little first hand experience with these fine firearms as most are quite uncommon. The rarity coupled with the simple truth that most information on these rifles is dated, ambiguous, or simply erroneous has shrouded these rifles in a cloak of mystery. To clear this up, I have asked Mr. Vic Thomas to assist in setting the record straight.

Mr. Thomas is one of the most respected Mosin Nagant researchers in the United States, and he also has an impressive collection of original Mosin Nagant sniper rifles. His years of research on this subject makes him just the person to help kill the myths that many have incorrectly passed on as facts. His time has not only been spent with reading materials but much of what he has learned has come from his personal examination of the rifles in his collection as well as examining hundreds of other Mosin Nagant snipers at importers warehouses as well as private collections here and abroad. That gives him an insight that many simply do not possess. Mosin-Nagant Dot Net is pleased to have him as a member of its writing team.

To my knowledge, there is nothing in English that can compare to this article in its scope or in its comprehensive nature. It is a pioneering work in many regards and I hope that it sets a standard for others to follow. I personally found it quite enjoyable to read and I was able to learn many new details on these renowned rifles. I have broken the article into two sections, one of text and one of photos, as I believe it is easier to follow in this format.

I want to again thank Vic for setting a lofty benchmark in this field.

    • Tuco - Owner/Webmaster Mosin-Nagant Dot Net
    • 02/19/00


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