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In1.jpg (36238 bytes)

IN2.jpg (27381 bytes)

Black painted buttstock on Ex marked rifles.

IN3.jpg (32631 bytes)

Ex marking on reciever of Model 91

IN4.jpg (34971 bytes)

IN5.jpg (40233 bytes)

Photo One: Stamped INSTRUCTIE marking on the reciever of an 1897Tula 91. These are uncommon usually the buttstock stamping is the norm. Photo Two: Buttstock stamping on 1897 Tula note that this examplehas both reciever and buttsock stamping.

IN6.jpg (34566 bytes)

IN7.jpg (26676 bytes)

One:  Opposite side of 1897 Tula notice how all red stripes were and painted. These will vary in thickness and colour. Two: Variation of the INSTRUCTIE word filled with red paint,these vary widely.

IN8.jpg (20951 bytes)

IN10.jpg (29868 bytes)

One: Long view of INSTRUCTIE marked Mosin 91 Two: Variation of INSTRUCTIE marking on opposite side of butt on Model 91/30. The painted abbreviation is uncommon.

IN11.jpg (34956 bytes)

IN12.jpg (19565 bytes)

IN13.jpg (17487 bytes)

IN14.jpg (20329 bytes)

One: 91/30 INSTRUCTIE buttstocking stamping with odd rack number
painted on.

Two:  Long veiw of 91/30 INSTRUCTIE marked rifle.

Three:  Odd Model 91/30 with blade sight and modified 91 stock.Note
modification to front stock and crude band retainter. Rear band is straight
91 band.

Four:  Long veiw of Modified 91/30 INSTUCTIE rifle.

IN15.jpg (30802 bytes)

IN16.jpg (48458 bytes)

IN17.jpg (39157 bytes)

One:  INSTRUCTIE marking on modified 91/30 Mosin.

Two:  F marking on Sestroyesk INSTRUCTIE marked 91.

Three: Another EX marked M91

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