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The Finnish Maxims
The M09/21 & M32/33

Maxim-Team1.jpg (38782 bytes)

Finnish Maxim team with the M09/21.

Maxim-Team2.jpg (40083 bytes)

A good example of the Finnish improvising a mount for the M09/21.

Maxim-Team3.jpg (40206 bytes)

The Finns await "Ivan".  Notice the snow camo added to the water jacket.


jp1pillbox.jpg (61770 bytes)

A destroyed Finnish Maxim pillbox used in the Winter War. 

This was a part of the Mannerheim Line and the photo was taken on

a trip to the area in September of 2000. We saw many of these positions on the trip and

most had been blown up post WW2 by the Soviets.


Maxim-Cleaning.jpg (58483 bytes)

A Finnish Maxim gunner cleaning his weapon.


Maxim-Finn-SokMount.jpg (53648 bytes)

A Finnish position making use of the Sokolov mount with shield removed.

These mounts were quite heavy so it was more common to see them used in a defensive nature.

Maxim-Pos2.jpg (68852 bytes)

Finnish Maxim position during the heavy 1944 fighting. 

Notice the trees in the Maxim's firing range are cut down to create "killing zones".


Maxim-Many.jpg (46639 bytes)

M09/21 in foreground with the later M32/33's in the rear. 

Notice the "snow caps" on the later models.

Maxim-AA.jpg (39601 bytes)

M32/33's in their AA role.  Notice the extended tripods and

larger muzzle when compared to the M09/21 Maxim.


Maxim-FinnPos3.jpg (35810 bytes)

A Maxim M09/21 in the Winter War.

Maxim-Finn-Sok2.jpg (47013 bytes)

The Finns with an early Russian M1910 Maxim.


Maxim-Finn-Move.jpg (52809 bytes)

The Finns also used the Maxim in an offensive role, as there were many Maxim

Machine Gun units in front line "attack" duty.   It is a strong team that can move the

Maxim in such a manner, but the added firepower these team could provide was worth the effort.

Maxim-Finn-Pit.jpg (40260 bytes)

Front line duty: 1941-44 Soviet-Finnish War.  These Maxim teams

were part of the Finnish designated KKK units which simply is a machine gun unit.

If the the machine gun troops were Jaegers the designation was KKK/JR.

Jaegers were infantry troops that had a high level of training.

jp1pillbox.jpg (61770 bytes)

A destroyed Finnish Maxim pillbox used in the Winter War. 

This was a part of the Mannerheim Line and the photo was taken on

a trip to the area in September of 2000. We saw many of these positions on the trip and

most had been blown up post WW2 by the Soviets.

Maxim-Boat.jpg (51105 bytes)

M1910 Maxim on boat duty.


Review-MaximFull.jpg (44013 bytes)

A Maxim from the author's collection.  This Maxim does have the later M32/33 tripod but it lacks the AA extension.  It seems these alterations to the tripods were done during the 1939-40 fighting to Maxims used in a ground fire only role.  These alterations were also done post war as the Maxim was no longer a viable AA weapon.  The official Finnish designation of the Maxim above was the M09/33 as it was a combination of the earlier M/21 design with the later tripod.  My Finnish friend Arto Pulkki states that he assumes all M09/33 type Maxims were altered to take the metal ammo belts.  The M09/33 is a rather technical term and is not widely used or known.   Most collectors refer to these simply as the M09/21 Maxim.  To make things easier on the reader that is how I refer to it in the article and in most photos.

Review-MaximTrigger.jpg (43465 bytes)

The firing mechanism on the M09/21 seen above.

Review-MaximMuzzle.jpg (33469 bytes)

The muzzle of the M09/21.  The later M32/33 has a larger muzzle extention that turns to handle the two rates of fire it is capable of.

Review-MaximTripodBack.jpg (56670 bytes)

Upper view of the M09/21 Maxim on its tripod. 

Review-MaximSights2.jpg (16436 bytes)

M09/21 rear sights in extended position.

Review-MaximTula.jpg (28976 bytes)

Old style hammer of the Russian Tula Armaments Factory.

Reveiw-Maxim-Date.jpg (15211 bytes)

Finnish KorJ rework stamping.  One date is 1943 and above that 1958.

Maxim-Acc1.jpg (52573 bytes)

Finnish marked water can and ammo box with metal links. In front the two versions of the extra barrel carrier.    On the left front is a rare wooden version made at AV3 while on the right a leather carrier.The wooden carriers, like the wooden ammo boxes, are Continuation War era.


New-1910-M21-Max.jpg (46493 bytes)

A Russian M1910 in front and the Finnish M09/21 in rear.   The Finns designated

captured M1910's as M09/09's.  This is a later 1910 with snow cap.

New-1910-Max-Front.jpg (34582 bytes)

A front veiw of the M1910.

New-1910-Side.jpg (38506 bytes)

Another view of the M1910 Maxim.

Maxim-Tuco-Belt.jpg (35105 bytes)

Rare cloth ammo link belt

Maxim-Tuco-Cans-Carr.jpg (83196 bytes)

Maxim ammo cans and leather extra barrel carrier.

Maxim-Tuco-Can-Date.jpg (41921 bytes)

Date stamp on an Imperial Russian Maxim can used by the Finns.

Maxim-Tuco-Kit-1.jpg (68799 bytes)

Content list of a Finnish M32/33 tool kit

Maxim-Tuco-Kit2.jpg (54453 bytes)

Maxim tool kit

Maxim-Tuco-Kit3.jpg (49535 bytes)

Another view of the M32/33 tool kit.  The kits have two loops on

the rear so they can be attached to a belt for carry.

Kit-Closed.jpg (67188 bytes)

Maxim kit closed

Maxim-Finn-Wooden-Box1.jpg (22463 bytes)

Rare wooden Maxim ammo boxes.  These were used in the 41-44 fighting.

As they are wood they did not store well so it is hard to locate them today.

Maxim-Finn-Wooden-Box1.jpg (22463 bytes)

Another view of the wooden boxes. 

These boxes are German in origin then supplied to Finland.  

Maxim-Can-Paper.jpg (28691 bytes)

1946 inspection papers on a wooden Maxim box.

Finn-Man-Group.jpg (45311 bytes)

Photo from a Finnish Maxim training booklet from the early 1930's. 

Sorry about the quality as the manual is old.

Finn-Man-Group2.jpg (45180 bytes)

From the same booklet showing the proper way to transport the Maxim.

Notice the soldier in front as I am not sure what type of can he is carrying.

This oval shaped can might be an early water can as I am not sure what else it would be.

Max-Man1.jpg (36589 bytes)

Sections of a Finnish M09 Maxim manual dated 1940.


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