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The Civil Guard Of Finland


A History Of The Finnish Civil Guard

From Mosin Nagant Dot Net

An Introduction: An introduction of the history of the Civil Guard section of this site.  This introduction should be read first to help the reader understand why this article was done, how it was done, and also detailing the great pride this site has for publishing this tremendous composition.

The Suojeluskunta:  The history of the Civil Guard by Finnish contributor JTV.  This is without a doubt the most detailed and extensive work done on this subject in English.  The Civil Guard is a very misunderstood organization by most of the world and this article helps set the record straight on the history of the "Sk". 

Suojeluskunta Oath: Suojeluskunta-oath for active Sk-members both the early and later versions.

Lotta Svärd: Lotta Svärd-yhdistys (Lotta Svärd association) started as women's auxiliary organization to the Sk at March of 1921. The name originated from popular and quite patriotic book “Vänrikki Stoolin tarinat” (Stories of 2 nd Lieutenant Stool) containing stories located to Swedish – Russian War of 1808 - 1809 in poetic form. After name of the organization its members were called “Lotta” (Lottas).

The Photo Section:  The photo section covers weapons, tunics, issue equipment, personalities, and other photos of interest.

Civil Guard District Maps:  Each area of Finland was broken down into Civil Guard districts, in this section there is a map breakdown showing the location of various districts and how these changed over time.  If you own a Civil Guard issue rifle that has a "S" number, this guide will assist you in locating the area of Finland your rifle would have served.

Collecting Civil Guard Items: To open this Fall. An overview of collecting Civil Guard issue items, equipment, and arms - from a US collector -


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