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A History Of The Finnish Civil Guard - Photo Section

The Civil Guard SK.Y marking from a canteen top.

SK.Y marking from a Civil Guard issue mess kit made in Helsinki.

Red Guards arm patch from the Finnish Civil War

Kajaanin sissipataljoona (Kajaani Guerilla Battalion) a White unit in the Finnish Civil War.

During the Continuation War 1941-44 many Civil Guard members acted in Civil Defense roles, such as air raid wardens.  Seen above are items from such duties, white M17 Finnish helmet, French made binoculars, M95 Nagant, and Finnish issued German made flare pistol.


The Civil Guard Model 1932 tunic is a very rare item to encounter today.  For more information on Civil Guard issue tunics, please see the Finnish Tunic area of the main site.

The Civil Guard Model 1927 tunic

Another M27 tunic as issued to an NCO in the Civil Guard.

Each Civil Guard district had its own color patches and cockades.  Today original versions of these are rare but Milpro OY of Finland is making good reproductions.  All above are original items.


The light tunic of the Civil Guard.

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