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A History Of The Finnish Civil Guard - Photo Section

Recruits in 1939 awaiting training.

The Mannerheim line being built in 1939.

Recruits on their way to training just before the Winter War.

Markings from the Civil Guard M28/30 rifle.  For more arms information please see the M28/30 section of the site.

A Civil Guard district number as seen on a M28/30 bayonet.

Civil Guard stock cartouche from a M28/30 rifle.

The shank marking of the Civil Guard issue M24 rifle.  For more information please see the M24 section of the site.

The M24 rifle as issued to the Civil Guard.

A sight calculator as used with the Civil Guard M28/30 rifle

Civil Guard issue ammo in 7.62X54R.

Arm patch as worn by the Civil Guard boy's unit members.

Civil Guards in training with a M1905 Russian made Maxim - Photo 1920's.

Finnish soldiers showing older Finnish men how to use the Italian made M38 carbine.  These older men took on a "Home Guard" type duty in 1941-1944 having to deal with Soviet partisans.

Home guards in an air defense unit 1943 armed with Italian M38 carbines.

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