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"The Red Army's Self Loading Rifles"

Vic Thomas and Mosin-Nagant Dot Net

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Disassembly Procedure For The SVT40

disassembly1.jpg (56954 bytes)


1) Remove the cleaning rod by depressing the cleaning rod catch (1) located above the bayonet lug. Draw the rod out towards the muzzle. (2)




2)  Release the magazine by flipping the magazine release up and depressing it towards the magazine.





3) While holding the magazine release in (1), remove the magazine by pulling it downward and forward (2) by tilting the magazine as shown. 





disassembly4.jpg (61548 bytes)

4) Move the trigger pack release window to the 9:00 o’clock position as shown (1). Depress the circular “ring” (2) inside with a screwdriver or punch. The trigger pack assembly will now “pop” free.





5) Remove the trigger pack assembly by pulling it down and forward as indicated. The anterior portion is retained by two lugs. These are disengaged by sliding the unit towards the magazine well. 



disassembly6.jpg (46953 bytes)


6) Slide the action cover forward towards the rear sight.


disassembly7.jpg (101562 bytes)

7) While sliding the cover forward with one hand (1) continue to slide it until the retaining rails are free of the corresponding grooves in the receiver. Place your thumb on the recoil/operating spring retainer at the rear of the cover (2) , and gently slide it downward to free it from it’s recess in the cover.



disassembly8.jpg (104123 bytes)

8)  Remove the action cover by moving it up and forward.



disassembly9.jpg (49377 bytes)


9)  Gently allow the recoil springs to return to the rear of the receiver and rest on the rear receiver wall



disassembled10.jpg (69639 bytes)

10) Grasp the springs as pictured just behind the bolt carrier and just in front of the spring retainer (1) and compress them to create some room. Allow the springs to gently “push” themselves out of the bolt carrier (2) while guiding them up and to the right of the rear receiver bridge

disassembly11.jpg (49826 bytes)


11) Remove the springs when the tension is released.


disassembly12.jpg (49433 bytes)


12) Remove the bolt carrier by drawing it to the rear


disassembly13.jpg (57830 bytes)

13) When the bolt carrier reaches the removal recess cut into the right side of the receiver guide rails, it can be pulled up and to the right in a twisting motion to free it from the receiver. The recess can be seen prior to removal of the bolt carrier by looking down into the receiver.


disassembly14.jpg (47636 bytes)

14) Remove the bolt by pulling it to the rear and up slightly (1) to disengage it’s seating lugs from the bolt carrier. Slide it forward (2) towards the carrier handle to remove it from the assembly. Further disassembly of the firing pin can be done by slightly compressing the pin slightly at the rear of the bolt and drifting the retaining pin out. This will free the firing pin and it’s spring.



disassembly15.jpg (59469 bytes)

15) Remove the forward barrel band by depressing the retaining spring with your thumb (1) while pushing the band towards the muzzle (2)

disassembly16.jpg (51492 bytes)

16) Remove the top heat shield by pulling it up (1) and upon clearing the handguard, the rear (2) to release it from it’s forward guides. Upon reassembly be sure that the tabs on the heat shield that retain the anterior portion are seated under the guide ribs of the lower heat shield.

disassembly17.jpg (41618 bytes)


17) Remove the wooden handguard by sliding forward to clear the rear sight base

disassembly18.jpg (45531 bytes)

18) Remove the operating rod by holding the gas cup in place (1) and pushing the rod to the rear (2). When it is free of the cup it can be moved slightly to one side and let forward under it’s spring tension to be removed.



19) Remove the gas cup by sliding it off the piston



disassembly20.jpg (14339 bytes)

20)   Remove the gas piston by unscrewing it to the left with either the SVT combination tool or a small set of adjustable wrenches. Upon reassembly the piston should not be over tightened. It should be just snug enough to allow the gas regulator to be turned with some resistance.


disassembly21.jpg (10512 bytes)

21) Remove the piston

disassembly22.jpg (14990 bytes)

22) The gas regulator can now be removed by pushing it back through it’s housing. Clean this and the surrounding area thoroughly before reinstallation to provide an accurate gas adjustment capability. The “normal” or average setting should be 1.5. This of course can be adjusted depending on weather and the type of ammunition used. Set the regulator at the lowest possible setting that allows normal function of the rifle.

disassembly23.jpg (19337 bytes)

23)  To remove the action from the stock removal of the cross bolt is necessary. The front sight tool is recommended for this job, and the combo tool can be used as well.

disassembly24.jpg (65901 bytes)

24) Separate the action from the stock by lifting it up from the rear and forward.


disassembly25.jpg (48282 bytes)

25) To separate the front of the barrel from the lower heat shield, tilt the barrel slightly as shown (1), and slide it forward (2) until the tab disengages it’s recess at the rear of the muzzle extension.


disassembly26.jpg (41990 bytes)

26) Remove the lower heat shield by sliding forward and off the stock forend


disassembly27.jpg (16767 bytes)

27) Disassembled rifle in a standard field strip for maintenance or cleaning.


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