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Prize Packet Two

Brought To You By

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Packet Two Listing:

1) M44 carbine from Black River Gunsmithing.  A matching carbine in like new condition.

2) M91-30 ex-sniper from Global Military.  A former sniper rifle that was retired and made into a  standard infantry rifle.

3) 50% off an ex-sniper rebuild from Frank Robinson.  Frank will convert your ex-sniper at half price.

4) A bent Mosin Nagant bolt from The Boltman Jim R.  Jim R's bolt is a modern copy of the original sniper bolt.

5) m/38 carbine from TN GUNS.  A matching M38 Mosin Nagant carbine in like new condition with accessories. 

6) m/91/30 rifle as new from Don Francis a Gunboards member.  The mainstay of the Red Army in  WW2 with all the accessories

7) British webley holster for the .38 cal. Webley revolver from IMA

8) The Soviet Mosin Nagant Manual from Terence Lapin.  A translation of the original Soviet issue manual.

9) Drie Linen Mosin Nagant Vol.2 from KH Wrobel.  This is the added addition to the first great reference.

10) AIM collectors T-shirt

11) collectors T-shirt

12) The Model 35 Radom Pistol from Terence Lapin.  A translation of the original Polish manual.

13) The M91-30 Soviet training poster from MHC.  A fine copy of the WW2 poster.

14) Great Battle Of WW2 Europe from Tuco - Mosin Nagant Company.  A four VHS set covering the European area of operations.

15) 2 Soviet ammo pouches from Rick Reich.  These are unissued versions of the two pocket pouch.

16) A reprint of an official Finnish ammo training poster from Tuco - Mosin Nagant Company.  A color reprint from a 1948 dated original.

17) Two canvas Polish m/44 Mosin Nagant pouches in excellent condition from Reich Outfitters.

18) A three gun table top display gun rack from

19) Century Arms Mosin Nagant medallion and case from Tuco - Mosin Nagant Company.

20) SVT Gas regulator tool from Black River Gunsmithing

21) CETME informational CD from Gunboards member Dr. Zero


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