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Military Gun Supply brings to the collector's market an exclusive offering of the famous Russian light machine gun the DP-28 in semi-automatic function. With ATF approval in hand, MGS will begin full production of the DP-28 for the collectors and shooters of WW2 weapons this February 2006. This is a limited production collectors item and will be made only in small numbers due to the limited number of excellent DP-28 kits available to Military gun Supply through an exclusive importation prior to the barrel ban. These rifles will look and feel just the like the original but will function only in a semi automatic operation. Each gun will be fit with the patented MGS semi auto receiver and built to exacting standards on site in MGS's state of the art manufacturing facility . Each rifle will come fully assembled with one  47 round pan magazine ready to fire!



Actual production sample of the semi-auto DP-28


 Short video clip of the semi DP-28 rifle in action!

Don't miss out or you'll be sorry! Limited production of the semi auto DP-28 can be yours if you oder now!

The DP-28 was the main stay of the Red Army during the 1930's through WW2. Now the collector of Russian or Finnish weapons has a chance to own one of these fabled light machine guns in a non restricted form. Available for the first time to the collector, the famed DP-28 is manufactured from the finest materials to exacting standards on state of the art machinery at Military Gun Supplies manufacturing facility.

MGS manufacturing facility-Wise Lite Arms assembling AK's.


Only a limited number of rifles will be built so don't miss out on a chance to own a piece of Red Army WW2 history. From the frozen forests of Finland to the savage fighting for the capture of Berlin- the DP-28 was there.  Get yours quickly before they sell out.



The cost of these one of a kind rifles is 2595.00 plus shipping.


   Visa and MasterCard accepted  


Look for more exciting products from Military Gun Supply coming soon!

Finnish Kp-44 and PPSH-43- The ATF has asked for one final mod to our semi design which we have made. The photos of this gun where made today and the gun is shipping back to them tomorrow. This should have final approval shortly. As soon as it does we will start tooling up but since there are numerous stamping dies involved. Look for finished product to be available about 2 months after approval. Production models will be offered with short barrel and welded closed stock (pistol) and in a 16” rifle as well. The barrel shroud will be extended as well as the barrel so there wont be any goofy looking barrel pointing out.

Short video clip of the semi KP-44 in action!


PPSH-41 prototype finished for ATF review. Suomi and PPSh-41 are planned and the design work has been done on these but we have 6 projects in at tech branch right now and they asked us not to send any more until they return something to us. Look for these to come out mid to late this year.





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